new_animatedDEFAULT PACK: Root pack sd-card (date 21 Sept 2016)                                         \\  Root SD-Card        download      (new MENU 2.4  all c64sd & commodore machines)

note: for a correct use of menu 2.x you must upgrade firmware see down section

LOAD"MENU",8 (for C64) LOAD"MENUVIC",8 (for VIC20) LOAD"MENU264",8 (for CBM264)

menuxZoom View

OTHERS PACKS:                   Read/info

    – C64 pack                            download      All for your commodore 64

    – C64-update1                      download      Some alternative games version (to be tested)

    – VIC 20 pack                      download      All for your commodore VIC 20

    – C128 pack                           download      All for your commodore C128

    – C16/PLUS4 pack              download      All for your commodore 264 series

    – Extra pack                          download       A lots of PC-utilities

note: copy all files inside “COPY ALL FILES TO ROOT SD” directory of the pack  Root SD-Card to the root of your SD card then expand the pack(s) you’re interested in and copy their directory again to the root directory of your SD Card



new_animated        “NEWS”       “HOW TO MAKE”  “CHANGELOG”    “DOWNLOAD

Princess sd-card 32gb V1.5 (ultimate collection) Sept 2016 (single rar file ~6Gbytes)

        sandisk-ultra-32gb-sdhc-card-sku-30304-largegif-animata-medicina-siringhe_38941This image has been created to fully exploit the C64SD Princess card features The image can be burned on an SDCard that is at least 32GB in size (it’s advisable to use at least a Class 10 SDCard) Image contains a menu to manage the Princess card and the files that the it can handle. Prg,p00,d64,d81,tap all the material is the result of in-deep searches in the Internet All organized and structured with a LOT of patience  Note: The SDCard obtained burning this image is compatible also with other Boards such as other sd2iec, 1541U2, uiec etc.

Questa immagine e’ stata creata per sfruttare al massimo la c64sd Princess card utilizzabile su una sd card 32 gb (consigliata almeno una classe 10) Contiene un menu per gestire la C64sd al massimo e file compatibili con essa prg,p00,d64,d81,tap tutto il materiale e’ frutto di ricerche approfondite in rete e molta pazienza per organizzare il tutto!! Note: L’utilizzo di questa scheda e’ compatibile con altre board (sd2iec/1541U2/uiec/ecc..)



new_animated– Tap Manager 1.3.3        download      by Hawui1 (changelog)   (date 21 Sept 2016)

tmanager133TAP Manager allows to split/merge TAP files and to create index D64 files for the TAP so that is possible to jump to any of the programs conatined in the TAP instantly.
The program has been created to ease the usage of the TAP files created with C64SD Princess card but it works with any working TAP file.
The program TAP Manager is distributed as DONATIONWARE so it can be used free of charge but the Author retains full Copyright on it and therefore it cannot be sold in any form or reverse engineered, no parts of it can be used in other programs as well.
In case the the End User uses the program regularly and he feels it is deserved a donation can be left at PayPal address [email protected]

TAP Manager permette di Unire/Separare i programmi contenuti nei files in formato TAP. TAP manager consente inoltre di  creare files D64 di indice per i TAP in modo che sia possibile saltare a uno qualsiasi dei programmi contenuti nel file TAP istantaneamente

Il programma è stato creato per facilitare l’utilizzo dei files TAP con la scheda C64SD Princess ma funziona con qualsiasi TAP file. Il programma TAP manager è distribuito come DONATIONWARE quindi può essere utilizzato senza restrizioni ma l’Autore si riserva su di esso tutti i diritti di Copyright. Non è quindi possibile vendere il programma in nessuna forma e ne sono altresì vietati il reverse engineering e la possibilità di usare parti di esso in altri programmi.
Nel caso l’utente del programma TAP manager lo utilizzi regolarmente, se lo ritiene opportuno, è incoraggiato a lasciare una donazione all’indirizzo PayPal [email protected]



index ITS Module for C64SD V2 Infinity                                       <ITA >    < ENG >  by Hawui1

C64SD V3 PRINCESS – Quick Start                                     <ITA >    < ENG >  by Manosoft

JETGRAB – Quick Start                                                          <ITA >    < ENG >   by Hawui1

C64SD V3 PRINCESS FLC – Quick Start                             <ITA >    < ENG >  by Manosoft

C64SD V3 PRINCESS & (FLC) – Full Manual  2.7             <ITA >   < ENG >  by Hawui1




new_animatedLatest firmware C64SD V2 Infinity – download   (                                               note: sd2iec-1.0.0atentdead0-5-g341de56-sw2-m1284p  (date 21 Sept 2016)

(sd2iec)  _____________________________________________________________

Latest firmware C64SD V2 Infinity+ITS – download                                                              note:  Changelog (date 1 Oct 2015)

(sd2iec+tap player)

Before upgrade at on infinity+its you must downgrade. Use files inside rar pack _____________________________________________________________

new_animatedLatest firmware C64SD V3 Princess – download                                                                    note:  Changelog (date 21 Sept 2016)                                                  

(sd2iec+tap player & grabber for all commodore series vic20,c64,c128,c16,plus4) 


new_animatedfirmware C64SD V3 Princess FLC – download                                                                        note:  Changelog (date 21 Sept 2016)                                                

(sd2iec+tap player & grabber while loading on CBM machine + full logic control motor for all commodore series vic20,c64,c128,c16,plus4) 




          Last Source code SD2IEC2TAP  download by Hawui1

Project C64SD V3.0 PRINCESS  download by Manosoft & Hawui1


GPL  regulations:  for any detail related to the implementation please contact:

   (AT) = @


board C64SD info


 firwmare info

For more information write to:

[email protected]

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