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Commodore C64SD v2.0 Infinity

Whats is the C64SD ?

The C64SD is a interface Plug & Play that emulates the Commodore floppy drive. Hardware/Firmware Atmel 1284P with SD2IEC. You just need an SD (secure digital) where you uploaded my package of games or other.

Turn on your Commodore and LOAD your favorite games, rekindle your memories …..

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Commodore 64 PLA Replacement

The PLA chip (906114-01) is no longer sold as spare part. This PLA Use a 27C512 PROM 90ns from ST (instead of an EPROM).

This means you get a good compatibility (like 99%) with all Software and Hardware available for the Commodore 64.The Easyflash cartridgeworks fine with the C=PLA

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Cable minidin 8

This is a  mini-din 8 pins cable male/male 1:1 (serial)

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To be used with ITS module when Infinity board  cannot be plugged on the rear of your Cbm, for example if you have a C128 this cable works in conjunction with tape/1531 adapter included in the ITS pack or if you have a computer of the 264 series you can connect it directly with the tape port of C16,C116,Plus4.               This cable brings power supply to module/infinity and extends the tape port. You can buy  this cable here, build it by yourself or buy it on web/ebay.

More info at video/download section

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SPECIAL PRICE LAST ONE One C64SD V2.0 Infinity   +    One ITS module

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Plug your C64SD on C64  (all vers) or Vic20 and play all type of files including TAP!!   Enjoy yourself with your special sd2iec:) More info at video/download section

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ITS module


The first player for your TAP files on sd2iec!!

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This  device is an extension for the C64SD v2.0 Infinity. The features are: Reading of v1/v2 format tap files on all CBM machines. Dump of tap file content from the SD card to a C2N (1530 or 1531). Start / Stop management, loud-speaker and  pass-through Datassette port More info at video/download section


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